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Long story time about my hair nightmare...

Let me tell you.... THIS is what a bad stylist can end up doing to your hair. Just re-discovered these pictures from 2016. My former stylist LITERALLY killed my hair with the dye/treatments she chose to use. And yes, I do mean literally.

I am SO thankful for Mark Beaty for taking the reigns and helping me get my hair healthy again. Even if it meant a massive cut in 2016 😢😢.

This is what it looks like when you have a terrible hair stylist. Paying more for a good stylist is ALWAYS worth it!!!!

The first picture shows my original hair, my old stylist’s first attempt to get me red violet, and then what she did after I told her my hair looked awful after what she did to get me “red violet” (why did I have to tell her?!) and to fix it. Sadly, the color lasted less than two days due to her poor skills. I wish I had a decent picture before even this treatment, because my hair was already dead even before she did this.

The time between the first “transition” picture and the second of my destroyed hair is one month. And while the damage is due to my former stylist’s multiple over processing treatments over the course of a year, these are the most glaring examples of what happens when you have a bad stylist.

The last picture is how my hair ended up once we recovered my hair. And yep, I had to chop off like eight inches of hair (SO. SCARY. But they made it work lol)

Thankfully, I had the AMAZING Adesso Moda staff to help me. The last picture of of the FANTASTIC owner Tracy, the supreme stylist Francine Monocchi, and my favorite person and best stylist, Mark.

Thanks to these AMAZING people, my hair is FINALLY growing long enough to look good.